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About Our Alliance of Catholic Schools

Catholic schools of the Diocese of Grand Rapids are an alliance of 30 vibrant learning communities serving more than 6,500 elementary and high school students within a seven-county area of West Michigan. Our schools inspire young people to grow in Catholic faith and grace, achieve more in school and life, develop creativity and character, and feel welcomed and cherished for their unique gifts. We partner with parents to awaken the whole child to a world of light and life—that grows better and brighter when children reach their potential.

Consider a Catholic Education for Your Child

Dear Friends in Christ,

Children have a mind, a body and a soul. All need care! Catholic schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids provide such care, educating the whole child for a life of encounter with Jesus Christ. The Catholic faith is more than an hour spent each week in church. Our faith provides the foundation for everything we do.

Christ illuminates learning and life at each of our 25 elementary and 5 high schools. From preschool through graduation, students in our Catholic schools grow in faith and grace, achieve more in school and life, develop creativity and character, and feel welcomed and cherished.

We invite you to join us! Prayerfully consider a Catholic school near you. Welcome Scholarships are available to parish families whose students are new to our Catholic schools. In addition, scholarships are offered at the diocesan and parish levels to help make a Catholic school education possible for every family who desires it. Parents are the primary educators of their children in the ways of faith. We look forward to partnering with you in the Catholic formation of your children.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

+Most Reverend David J. Walkowiak
Bishop of Grand Rapids

David Faber

Open House

Experience what it’s like to be a student at one of our Catholic schools
when you attend one of our open house events.


The curriculum in the Diocese of Grand Rapids defines academic standards that identify learner outcomes. Aligning with diocesan standards, the local school curriculum objectives encompass all learning experiences (cognitive, psychomotor, and affective) that are planned and directed by the school. The curriculum upholds the values, morals and teachings of the Catholic Church, and is in accordance with the mission of the school.


Standardized assessments are one tool used in our Catholic schools to monitor academic progress. These are considered to be one data point among many that inform us about a student’s progress.  

Average ACT score across our high schools: 24 (National average: 21, State of Michigan average 20.1)

Diocese of Grand Rapids students consistently outperform the national average in all subject areas at all grade levels in their fall and spring Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments. The advantage over the national average grows throughout elementary school and especially by the end of middle school, showing that the longer a student attends a Catholic school, the greater the likelihood for academic success and performance above the norm.

Diocese of Grand Rapids students take the Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education (ACRE), an integrated approach to faith knowledge assessment. 

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The Diocese of Grand Rapids and each of its 30 schools share the belief that a Catholic education should be available, accessible and affordable to any family that wants to provide their child with a quality education in a strong Catholic environment.

Our schools deliver an exceptional education at remarkably low and affordable rates; however, the decision to enroll your child in a Catholic school inherently will involve sacrifices on the part of every family. Ultimately, families who commit to Catholic education for their child do so because it is their priority to provide a learning community that supports the faith and values taught in the home.

Many families need and receive scholarships for Catholic school tuition. For 2015-16, we distributed more than $770,000 in scholarship funds. A variety of scholarship opportunities exist for registered parishioner families choosing Catholic school education for their child. All registered parishioner families, whether currently enrolled or enrolling for the first time, are eligible for the Bishop's Scholarship Fund, school/parish scholarships, and parish support. Additionally, Welcome Scholarships are available for new families.

Welcome Scholarships

All new students in Preschool through 11th grade can receive a Welcome Scholarship regardless of need.

Preschool | $250 per student

K-8 | $750 per student

9-11 | $1000 per student

If you are a registered parishioner and do not have a child currently enrolled in a Diocese of Grand Rapids Catholic school, the Welcome Scholarship is available to you. Print and complete your application today!

2016-17 Welcome Scholarship Application in English
2016-17 Welcome Scholarship Application in Español
2017-18 Welcome Scholarship Application in English
2017-18 Welcome Scholarship Application in Español

Questions about the Welcome Scholarship? See if yours is answered here.

Bishop's Scholarship Fund

Bishop Walkowiak has greatly increased the amount of available scholarships for diocesan Catholic schools. All families, whether enrolling for the first time or already enrolled, can apply for Bishop's Scholarships. Learn more about the Bishop's Scholarship Fund and Smart Aid application.

Contact your Catholic elementary school and/or Catholic high school for details about the scholarships they may have available to you. In addition, a parish may support a student with a parishioner rate of tuition or parish support.

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